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What is Epiphany UCC?


Epiphany is a place of praise, joyous hymn singing, stirring choral and instrumental music, and thought-provoking messages.


Epiphany is a place of reflection, a place of prayer, a place to seek a deeper walk with one's faith, and a place to discuss the teachings of Christ.


Epiphany is a place of compassion reacting to the needs of the community, reaching out to those in need, and going halfway around the globe to provide educational opportunities for others.


Epiphany is a place of laughter, the sounds of happy children, people who enjoy fellowship, and friends sharing the myriad events of daily life.


Epiphany is a place whose identity is shaped by the people who call this home.



No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.


  • Welcome to our first-time guests!

  • Welcome to those who have no church home, need strength, have doubt, want to follow Christ, or even do not believe.

  • Welcome to those who were baptized here and have worshiped in this place for generations!

  • Welcome to people of all sexual orientations & gender identities, to people of all racial & ethnic heritages, and to families of every shape and size.


May God find you where you are and welcome you home.


We are and Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ


WE ARE … a Christian church that welcomes all, including believers and non-believers, the single and the partnered, families with or without children, and people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.



WE ARE...a community of faith seeking to be more connected to God, and to each other. 



WE in discovering the ways God is meeting us today and yet worshiping God as Christians have done for centuries. 



WE ARE...passionate about supporting outreach and missions beyond our walls, including those hungering for food, social justice and a better life.

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