With the rise of the COVID-19 cases in the last couple of months, including break-through cases of those already vaccinated, we’re re-opening with more restrictions than we had hoped for. Please know that we respect whatever your decision is around joining us for in-person worship or joining us online. Do what makes you makes you feel comfortable under these difficult circumstances.


All staff have been vaccinated, including our two newly hired nursery care workers.


A nursery will be available for children aged 4 and younger, but we will not be re-starting Sunday School right now. We hope to revisit the latter decision as infection rates decline. Pastor Megan will be engaging with the children during the Children’s Moment in worship.


Guidelines for Entering into the Epiphany Sanctuary


  1. We ask all those who join us for in-person worship to be vaccinated, if medically and age-eligible.

  2. If you are not feeling physically well, please refrain from worshipping joining us in person. Join us on YouTube instead.

  3. Masks always need to be worn within the building and during our Fellowship Hour, whether it be indoors or outdoors. The only exceptions: when worship leaders do so while preaching or leading the singing.

  4. Please practice social distancing while within the building when possible.

  5. Our worship services will continue streaming live and for later replay on our YouTube channel. Simply search for “Epiphany UCC Chicago” in YouTube to find us.


What to Expect When You Arrive in the Sanctuary


  1. Certain numbers of pews will be blocked off near the pulpit side of the church, while the lectern on the other side will be removed altogether, allowing fewer pews to be cordoned off and for more people to safely gather in person.

  2. Worshippers are invited to sit in the pews that have not been cordoned off, which will be every other pew.

  3. Various members of the choir will help lead the congregation in song, but the choir will not be fully re-gathering until conditions improve around COVID-19. Members will lead us in song while behind the communion rail on the chancel, which meets the recommended guideline of 24 feet between these mask-less singers and the congregation.

  4. We ask that the children stay in their pews during the Children’s Moment.

  5. We will Pass the Peace of Christ with one another by remaining in our pews and following the lead of the pastors.

  6. We invite people to join in singing with masks, but we ask that people do so without the usual gusto that is a hallmark of Epiphany congregational singing!

  7. We also appreciate your feedback from you after our first in-person gathering at Epiphany!