REYG (Ravenswood Epiphany Youth Group -pronounced "RAGE")

REYG is a joint ministry of Epiphany United Church of Christ and Ravenswood United Church of Christ focused on youth from grades 7-12 and open to all youth of every faith tradition, even those outside the Christian faith.  Though we are Christian youth group, youth of all kinds of faith - and no faith at all - will find a place to explore spirituality, justice and service, while also having alot of fun in the process.  REYG meets once a month and at other times.  During the summer, youth oriented service trips are taken to different parts of the country, both regionally and nationally - and perhaps even internationally (see our Romanian Homework Project).


In this youth group, faith is encouraged but not required, questions are welcomed, but answers are not guaranteed, and love of God and others, as well as service to both, is taught, but explorations of what that actually means in the real world is honored.  


For more information about how you or your youth can become involved, contact Pastor Kevin McLemore by email or by calling 773-281-4144.