May 2022

Dear Friends,


The seasons changed this week. We moved a bit too quickly from winter to summer but the lilacs are out, so all is well. (As we all know, seasons can move backwards as well.)


The church is moving into another phase of its transitional “season.” The congregation has moved into a time of new pastoral leadership. We’ve journeyed through Lent into Eastertide. Godly Play is back in place. We’ve started to gather in the sanctuary and the fellowship hall. The sounds of the choir fill the sanctuary.


Now we will be selecting a “Transition Team,” a group of trusted individuals selected by the congregation to guide the interim process that will eventually lead to the creation of a church profile and the selection of a Search Committee.


I will lead the Transition Team. I will help them become a safe, trusting and cohesive group that will lead the church in this area of church life while others run other areas of church life. (It is possible, for example, to serve on the Church Council and the Transition Team but it would be good to expand the team beyond established leaders.)


The Transition Team is different from the eventual Search Committee (though some members may be the same) in that I will not lead the Search Committee.


The first part of this process is the selection of Transition Team members. To that end, I am asking you to nominate people to serve on the Team. They should be trusted members. They should be “spiritually wise,” people you might go to if you had a question about faith. (This is NOT to be confused with having a seminary degree.) They should have a sense of vison, able to see the big picture as well understand the details that move visions into reality.


Beyond all this, the team should represent the diversity of church membership. For example, the Team should not be dominated by one age range, gender, ethnicity, length of time of church membership, etc.


I would imagine that several individuals will receive multiple nominations but that factor alone, while influential, will not be the only deciding factor. I do know that this community has many gifted individuals who would make up a great team.


When I’ve received nominations, I will then ask the individuals if they are willing to serve. Working with Council leadership, we will have a time in worship when we can bless the Team as they move forward. Thanks to our video capabilities we can meet together in person, on Zoom or in some combination.


I invite you to be in discernment before sending me your nominations at Thank you for your efforts in this important task.



Pastor Wayne


If you wish to be involved in providing assistance to those in need of some help, please let me know. Last week I had limited the assistance to helping with medically related issues. But after discussion with others, we’ve expanded the circle to include assistance with other needs. For example, several families fall into the category of “the sandwich generation” where there are simultaneous needs for multiple generations in one family, e.g. raising kids and helping parents. So picking up a child or dropping off a meal might be helpful.



The third session will be held May 19th at 7 pm. We will look at chapters 5-7 in “Remove the Pews: Spiritual Possibilities for Sacred Spaces.” Copies are available in the office. The Zoom Link is:


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The church office will be closed next Tuesday May 17th.

The office will be open on Monday the 16th.