Hi everyone, 

Thanks for so many of you "showing up" virtually for Homecoming Sunday last weekend! We had a larger amount of folks join us live than normal and an additional 30 of us view the worship service afterward. Thank you for being there - and for joining us in our worship of God. However, as many of you pointed out, we miss seeing each other's faces during worship, which was a "plus" when using ZOOM. To mitigate that downside, we made sure to stick with ZOOM for our fellowship time after worship. Please consider joining us - it's a great chance to see each other and discuss what spoke to us about the service. Every Sunday morning you'll receive a reminder of where to find that Sunday's worship (our Epiphany YouTube channel) and a ZOOM link for our Fellowship Time right after the worship service concludes. We usually speak to each other for an extra 20 minutes. Also included in that Sunday email is a link for our children (4th grader and younger) to join Pastor Megan for the "Willow Tree Gathering" at 9:45 AM. (Actually, the information is actually included at the end of this email as well). 

This week we'll be looking at Genesis 15:1-6, in which God promises to make Abraham's children as many as there are stars in the sky, all because Abraham was a man of high moral character who trusted God. But the rest of Genesis actually disproves this divine analysis of Abraham over and over again. What are we to do with this disconnection between words and reality? Find out Sunday - and be prepared to have the plot of a particular Agatha Christie book spoiled for you - fair warning! 

Thanks to those of you who signed up for the blood drive this Sunday! We only have 2 slots left as of this email - one slot at 12:45 and another one at 1:15. If you would like to volunteer for those times, click here to do so. You can also click on that link to find the time you volunteered for.  

The start of our book study - see below - is coming up very soon. We'll meet on Thursday, October 1 (7:00 PM) via ZOOM to discuss pages 1-162 and then again two weeks later on Thursday, October 15 (7:00 PM) to discuss the second half of the book. On Thursday, October 22, (7:00 PM) we'll gather to discuss the recent film made of the book, and on Thursday, October 29 (7:00 PM) we hope to gather some lawyers to discuss the issue of race and the law. PICK UP your book and start reading!  



Neighbors in Need (NIN) is a special mission offering of the United Church of Christ that supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States. Neighbors in Need grants are awarded to UCC churches and organizations doing justice work in their communities. These grants fund projects whose work ranges from direct service to community organizing and advocacy to address systemic injustice. This year, special consideration will be given to projects focusing on serving our immigrant neighbors and communities. . One-third of NIN funds support the Council for American Indian Ministry (CAIM). Two-thirds of this offering is used by the UCC's Justice and Witness Ministries (JWM) to support a variety of justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and direct service projects through grants. NIN contributions can be made on-line at any time on the Epiphany website at this link.

And the Common Pantry is having their I AM YOUR NEIGHBOR party on Friday, October 2. It will be a virtual party and there are many ways to support the good work our partner in ministry does in the community. Click on this link or the image below to find out more! 

Here are the instructions for this new way of worshipping together:

  • Please click on this YouTube link at 10:30 AM this Sunday or a few minutes before to join us for worship.

  • For those with children 4th grade and under, please join Pastor Megan via ZOOM at the following link for a 30 minute time of spiritual formation starting at 9:45 AM this Sunday.
    Here is the zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83132491138

  • The Fellowship Time after worship is via ZOOM through this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82934589022

  • For those who have a YouTube account, consider subscribing to the Epiphany YouTube Channel, as well as clicking the little bell next to the Subscribe button so that you can be notified when we go "live."

  • The easiest way to navigate your way to our weekly worship service each Sunday is to bookmark the channel on your web browser.

  • Look for the video that has a red "LIVE NOW" on it or near it. The current live stream should always be the first one in your queue on the page.

  • You can also easily watch the service later if you can't make it at 10:30 AM on this same YouTube channel. 

  • You do NOT have to create a YouTube account to watch the service.

  • Those who join us via telephone should call 712-770-5505, and enter access code #910-438 and the pound sign (#). This number and access code is permanent, and will not change every week. 

  • All this information will be sent to you again on Sunday morning. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Pastor Kevin

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