July 2022

Dear Friends,
A few weeks ago, I attended a session on the continuation of hybrid worship. The
presenter had many good reasons to continue hybrid worship my favorite reason was
“It ain’t over until it’s over.” I would add: “And it ain’t over.”
People are still having their run-ins with COVID in our congregation and in our families.
Both former pastor Kevin and Douglas have been diagnosed. (Kevin is further along the
road to recovery but both are doing better. They’re trying to move Douglas’ items to
Pennsylvania, but the timing is what it is.)
I’m glad we’re a community where we take the health issues of everyone seriously – and
COVID, among other problems, complicates other health issues. Patience is running thin,
but we’ll follow the advice of a familiar hymn “and take it to the Lord in prayer.” Pray for
continued health and recovery of those with COVID and for patience as we move
forward into the future God has planned for us. Prayers of thanksgiving that we still
gather in a variety of ways and that we still have our Wednesday evenings of food and

Prayers as well for Common Pantry. They are experiencing a dramatic jump in need, a
90% increase in demand in June 2022 compared to June 2021. But they are moving
forward in their plans for their new location. They now have the needed permits to
begin construction.


Last week Rev. Dr. Terrill Murff, Associate Conference Minister serving the Chicago
Metropolitan Association, wrote an article “And how are the children?” for the
Conference’s weekly e-mail. The title is based on a greeting that the Maasai tribe in
Africa have: “And how are the children?” The welfare of the community is directly
related to how the children are doing. Here’s the link:
Epiphany is blessed by the Godly Play program which provides a safe and sacred space
for our children. But it’s still always good to ask “And how are the children?”