Pastor Kevin’s last Sunday leading worship will be on January 16. Illinois Conference Minister Molly Carlson will join us as a representative of the Conference in the leave-taking portion of the service. A farewell gathering will take place after the service.
Pastor Kevin will be sharing his reflections and thoughts on his ministry at Epiphany during the worship service on Sunday, January 2, and sharing the reality of the congregations’ relationship with him in the near future on Sunday, January 9
Bible Study will resume for the next two Tuesdays - Jan 4 & 11th
Epiphany and Ravenswood UCC have continued their decade-long tradition of joint confirmation classes. This year we have 7 confirmands, four from Epiphany and 3 from Ravenswood. Since Pastor Kevin will not be continuing with this class, we are looking for 1-2 adults who would be present at the classes, starting Thursday, January 20th. The person(s) won’t necessarily have any teaching responsibilities but will provide presence and support to Pastor Jason, as he leads the class through the rest of the year. In keeping with Epiphany’s “Safe Church” policy, two adults need to be present during a youth event. Confirmation classes meet twice a month on Thursday evenings (7-8:30 PM). This is a great chance to support our youth and perhaps learn something as well. Per Epiphany’s policy, volunteers will need to pass a criminal background check and be trained in our Safe Church” policy. Contact Pastor Kevin at pastorkevin@ourepiphany.org or call the church office at 773-281-4144.

Thank you for the ways you’ve financially supported Epiphany, especially over the last 19 months. And thank you for your future support. You can donate right now online by clicking on this link
On Sunday, January 23, the Rev. John Thomas will be preaching and helping to lead worship, and on Sunday, January 30th, the Rev. Wayne McPherson will be doing the same.Update on Interim Minister Search: With Pastor Kevin leaving the church in mid-January, an interim minister search committee has formed, in hopes of having someone in place by February 1. The committee members are Jeff Engert, Marnie Schwartz, and Jenny Zuluaga. Two candidates have been interviewed and reference checks are being conducted at this time. 
The UCC is continuing its Disaster Relief goals by encouraging everyone to help those struggling after the tornadoes in Kentucky and elsewhere. You may contribute via check or cash in the offering plate, online via www.ourepiphany.org, or go to the UCC Link https://www.ucc.org/appeal-severe-storms-2021/.ONLINE WORSHIP

Please click on this YouTube link at 10:30 AM this Sunday or a few minutes before to join us for worship.

Those who join us for WORSHIP via telephone should call 267-807-9605 (a new number beginning Aug 29), and enter access code 910-438 and the pound sign (#). This number and access code are permanent.

For those who have a YouTube account, consider subscribing to the Epiphany YouTube Channel, as well as clicking the little bell next to the Subscribe button so that you can be notified when we go "live."

The easiest way to navigate your way to our weekly worship service each Sunday is to bookmark the channel on your web browser.

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You can also easily watch the service later if you can't make it at 10:30 AM on this same YouTube channel. 

FELLOWSHIP TIME: The Fellowship Time after worship is via ZOOM through this NEW link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83563349025 

Those who wish to join us via telephone for the Fellowship Time, call  312-626-6799, enter 835-6334-9025, and press the pound sign (#). 

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Bible Study every Tuesday from  12:00-12:30 PM CST - join us via ZOOM at this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84606059582

Those who wish to join us via telephone for the Bible Study, call  312-626-6799, enter 846-0605-9582 and press the pound sign (#).






CC ISSUES $100,000 APPEAL FOR HAITI AFTER EARTHQUAKE, TROPICAL STORMThe United Church of Christ is issuing a call to action to help the people of Haiti. A massive 7.2 earthquake has killed nearly 1,300 people. Search and rescue efforts expected to be hampered by Tropical Depression Grace.“The island of Haiti suffered major damages and loss of life from an earthquake this weekend,” said the Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson, associate general minister, Wider Church Ministries and Operations. “We are issuing an appeal through the Global H.O.P.E. team to raise funds to assist in Haiti in any ways that we can, short-term, and also to assist with long-term recovery needs.“We hold our partners and Haitian siblings in our thoughts and prayers through this time of suffering.”For more information, go to https://www.ucc.org/ucc-issues-100000-appeal-for-haiti-after-7-2-earthquake-tropical-storm/


RIP MEDICAL DEBT RELIEF!Calling the ENTIRE  UCC Illinois Conference! We have an exciting challenge that we can only possibly achieve if we work together. After all, we are STRONGER TOGETHER.We have a challenge set to relieve $10M of medical debt that is burdening our neighbors right here in Illinois. If we can raise $100,000 by the end of November, we have the opportunity to purchase debt through RIP Medical Debt in partnership with the national setting of the UCC. This amount of money can relieve $10,000,000 of debt off the backs of our neighbors most in need. I know no better way to express our faith in practice!I invite you each to give what you can – but better yet, motivate your congregation to give! If your congregation could raise $10,000 – that would be $1M of debt! If your missions committee could allocate $1,000 – that would be $100,000! If your Sunday School class could scrape together $100 – that would be $10,000 that another family will be freed from.The United Church of Christ is committed to creating a just world for all – and how better to put this concept into practice than to lift the burden of medical debt, especially during this season of pandemic.A great way to give THANKS. A great way to celebrate the HOLIDAYS. A great way to live out our FAITH.Blessings,The Rev. Molly Carlson, Illinois Conference Conference Minister P.S. Consider making a donation in the name of that family member that is hard to buy for – what a great gift! MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO CONTRIBUTE COMING SOON!

The International Rescue Committee DESPERATELY still needs to find dozens of people to support the incoming Afghan refugees in the U.S. The numbers and need are staggering, and we just don’t have enough people or partners right now to get this done. Jobs are short-term (2 weeks or more) but can be longer if someone is available. No special skills needed for most positions (except interpreters) and travel is covered. You DO need to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident since the positions are all on military bases. The IRC is looking for Interpreters and Generalists. The generalists just have to be good-hearted, clear-headed, hardworking folks to tend to practical details as folks arrive and get settled at least temporarily. Go to UCC.org for more information.