No matter where you are on life’s journey,

  you are welcome here.

Welcome to our first-time guests!

Welcome to those who have no church home,

  need strength, have doubt, want to follow Christ,

  or even do not believe.

Welcome to those who were baptized here and

   have worshipped in this place for generations!

Welcome to people of all sexual orientations &

    gender identities, to people of all racial & ethnic

    heritages, and to families of every shape and size.


May God find you where you are and welcome you home.


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June 28, 2020

une 28 is ONA Sunday, or Open and Affirming Sunday. The Open and Affirming Coalition is the group that has led the cause within the United Church of Christ to help the denomination into the acceptance and celebration of LGBTQ. Part of their great work is inviting congregations to become open and affirming, meaning that such congregations adopt a statement that explicitly welcomes LGBTQ persons into the congregation, along with many others.

  • Epiphany became an ONA congregation in 2001, almost 20 years ago. Currently about 30% of the churches are ONA churches, though many others that are ONA are open and affirming in their actual practices.

  • The UCC has the largest amount of churches by percentage and sheer numbers who have designated themselves in this way.  Something to celebrate in an otherwise quiet June Pride month.

  • Epiphany is also a member of OneNorthside, an organization working on justice issues in the city and beyond. They’ve taken a ‘yes’ stance on the Fair Tax issue we’ll be voting in on the fall, and they’ve invited member organizations to join them for a zoom meeting today at 3 PM. I’ll put the registration link in the chat function. Please consider joining. (Pastor Kevin is a member of the One Northside’s Board of Directors.

  • On June 28 were took up the offering for the annual UCC ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING offering, which should up have been taken up a few months ago, but something distracted us back then, I can’t remember what… This offering is used throughout the world, in many different kinds of helping and justice ministries

  • Please consider donating at the link ucc.org or simply go to our webpage at www.ourepiphany.org Thank you!

  • We will continue our book study on GRATEFUL by Diane Butler Bass, this Tuesday evening, June 30. Starts at 6 PM.


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